We recommend downloading the jMonkeyEngine SDK - but of course you can also build the jMonkeyEngine yourself from the sources. In this case, you need the Subversion file version system installed (svn).

  1. Checkout: Checkout the Subversion repository.

    svn checkout http://jmonkeyengine.googlecode.com/svn/branches/3.0final/engine jme3
    • You can leave login and password empty

  2. Build: Execute ant jar

    • This compiles the JAR files in dist/libs/*

  3. Javadoc: Execute ant javadoc

    • This generates javadocs in the dist/javadoc directory.

  4. Run: Execute ant run

    • This runs the TestChooser where you can browse examples.

  5. Use: Create a Java SE project and place all JARs from the dist/lib directory on the classpath.

    • You can now extend your first game from com.jme3.app.SimpleApplication.

For a detailed description of the created jar files see this list.

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